John Buchanan


I have been interested in woodworking as long as I can remember. It started as a young child gathering pine scraps in my grandfather's cabinet shop to build rabbit hutches and bird houses. Some years later in Memphis, I received formal training in furnituremaking and worked an apprenticeship under Walter L. Morgan, a Scottish cabinetmaker/antique restorer. This training was the foundation for a 45+ year career making period furniture reproductions and restoring fine antique furniture.


My current projects are focused on smaller and more detailed pieces, working specifically with curly maple, cherry, walnut and ash wood. Each board is chosen for beauty of grain, figure, and durability. It's been said many times that no two pieces of wood are the same -- and that is very true. That uniqueness is the subtle excitement of working with fine hardwood lumber. You just never know what will be revealed with that first pass through the planer.

Even after 45+ years of making furniture from wood, I still look forward to spending time in the shop, tools in hand, harnessing what human skill can produce -- a well-designed, subtle, and finely crafted piece that will enhance daily life of those who use it. 

I currently work and reside in Amherst, VA with my two dogs, Smulon and Chester. When I'm not in my shop, you'll find me hiking, fly fishing, or spending time with my 3 kids and 3 (soon to be 4!) grandchildren.